Little feet with big goals.

Ferdinand Richter GmbH is a long-established Austrian company whose dynamism, commitment and highly professional team have made it a recognised European player in the children’s shoes’ segment. Mothers, fathers and children trust in Richter as a brand and trendsetter, as a producer and as a partner.

The high quality of Richter shoes is internationally appreciated. Richter’s approach to the environment in general and to all its market partners in particular is marked by respect and appreciation, and has been part of the culture which the company has practised for 125 years.

Together with leading designers and recognised orthopaedists, Richter develops shoes that are perfected for sensitive children’s feet and meet the anatomical requirements of toddlers in an outstanding way – in order to provide optimum support for our children as they grow and to help them take big steps in moving closer towards all their big goals.

The mission.

Healthy shoes

  • All our efforts are focused on producing children’s shoes which actively support the healthy development of children’s feet.
  • We are known as the recognised specialist for healthy children’s shoes and at the same time for setting design trends.
  • As a care partner for parents and children, we are aware of our responsibility for making correct and healthy footwear.
  • As a result of our quest for continuous improvement and enhanced quality, we initiate genuine innovations.

European production

  • Our roots are in Austria and we rely on this firm foundation to operate in the international shoe market.
  • As a shoe manufacturer, we are committed to European production, fair wages, and optimum working conditions for all our employees.
  • Sustainability, social responsibility as well as a careful approach to handling resources and the environment are crucial factors in our work.

Valuable partnership

  • “Creating and adding value” is the principle with which we approach each partnership.
  • Our partners in procurement are companies which are fully aware of their responsibility for the environment. Our partners in the sales field are qualified shoe retailers.
  • We want to be measured daily by our partners in terms of our commitment to excellence, service orientation and professionalism.