An intact environment with European products

Richter’s production plant in Slovakia is also home to the design department where new collections of Richter shoes are developed each year. A new model, developed with meticulous craftsmanship, can require up to 80 work steps in order to finally satisfy the stringent criteria for inclusion in the Richter collection.

160 superbly trained staff at our European production plant take care of the materials supplied, the handcrafted production of the shoes, as well as quality assurance and packaging and shipment of children’s shoes to qualified retailers. Around 70% of the entire collection is produced or finalised in Europe.

Social fairness and environmentally friendly production

A well-developed social conscience forms the basis for environmentally conscious and sustainable production operations. Let’s work together to secure our children’s future!

We guarantee you that...

  • only non-toxic, nature-based materials are used in the production of our children’s shoes.
  • Richter cooperates worldwide only with partners and suppliers who also take a responsible approach to the environment and natural resources.
  • work for Richter is always carried out at all sites under fair working conditions with fair wages.
  • customer satisfaction is our top priority and we maintain a quality management system in cooperation with our qualified retailers to continuously improve our products and our service.