High quality standards for your satisfaction

Richter children’s shoes are hand-crafted by superbly trained employees. And even though each production step undergoes stringent quality control procedures, it can sometimes occur that a shoe does not meet the high quality standards. Often, defects only become visible after the shoe has been worn for a few days.

In the initial assessment of complaints, we work closely together and in partnership with our qualified retailers. Your local retailer is able to detect possible product defects. He will quickly and easily offer you a repair (if possible), an exchange or a credit note (if necessary).

Your qualified retailer will contact us in any case. This is for two reasons:

  1. because we help him in reversing your purchase.
  2. because we analyse the defect together with him and feed this analysis back into the continuous improvement of our shoes.

For these two reasons we kindly ask you, in the event that a defect has occurred, to consult your qualified retailer. In this way, we can work together on optimising Richter shoes for healthy feet.

Important: Please do not forget your original invoice!