Many practical features for a superbly comfortable shoe

WMS – the quality seal

WMS is the quality seal of Deutsches Schuhinstitut. Only high quality children’s shoes that support the natural development of children’s feet are awarded this seal. After all, for children’s feet to grow healthily, their shoes mustn’t be too short or too long, nor too narrow or too wide – they have to fit!

The WMS system defines length specifications for each size which are taken into consideration by WMS children’s shoe manufacturers using specific WMS lasts. The same size scaling is also found on the WMS foot measuring device which trained sales staff in the retail trade use to determine shoe sizes for children’s feet.

Sympatex® membrane

Anyone spending a lot of time outdoors has special requirements in terms of their shoes: you should keep your feet dry whatever the weather and optimally regulate your body temperature regardless of the external environment or the activity you are pursuing. That’s why Sympatex has designed a special membrane which absorbs water vapour and directs it outwards through the shoes, but already stops on the surface any water that might enter from the outside. Sympatex offers top performance with a maximum of ecology:

  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% windproof
  • optimum breathability
  • 100% recyclable
  • certified to Oeko-Tex standard 100

Removable insole

Richter models which are available in sizes 17 to 35 come with a removable insole. This has the advantage that you can easily find out whether the model chosen is the right size when the shoes are tried on. It’s quite easy: simply remove the insole, put the child’s foot on it and check the size.

This is also how you can quickly and easily exchange standard insoles, if necessary, for orthopaedic inlay soles.

FitMI – fits me individually

In addition to the removable insole, each shoe also features a second midsole made out of fleece. As a result, you can adjust the optimum fit to your child’s needs and individualise the shoe. Removing this midsole increases the total internal volume of the shoe. This equates to a further width size, more or less. For this reason, the FitMI system is particularly suitable for children with a high instep.

This is what you do:

  • Using the removable insole, check the shoe size and try on the shoe.
  • If the width of the shoe is OK, both soles will remain unchanged in the shoe.
  • If the shoe is too narrow, but has the correct length, remove the white midsole. This will give your child’s feet plenty of room to develop fully.