Excellent materials with superb properties

In principle, we only use excellent and guaranteed non-toxic materials from two different sources to produce our shoes: either we use raw materials that nature provides us with, or we use new, innovative and functional materials from the synthetic premium hi-tech field.

Upper materials

  • Leather
    The grain side of the leather is worked outwards. It doesn’t become dusty and dirty so quickly because of the somewhat denser, smoother surface.
  • Patent leather
    Coloured two-component paint is sprayed or poured on the dry leather; the result is a high-gloss leather with a reflective surface.
  • Suede
    The flesh side of the leather is polished into a uniformly fibrous surface, making it particularly soft and supple.
  • Textile
    We mainly use high quality cotton. It is highly breathable and dries easily if it gets wet.
  • Tecbuck
    Tecbuck is the right material when exceptional durability is required because it is extremely robust and durable.
  • Neoprene
    This robust elastomer made of polychloroprene is of particularly high quality and popular in a wide range of applications.


Lining options

  • Leather
    Since the thin leather lining is completely natural, it has many positive properties – for example, it offers an excellent exchange of heat and moisture without any dampness being felt. In addition, it is kind to the skin, breathable, retains its shape, and is supple, hard-wearing, highly flexible and resistant to abrasion.
  • Textile
    Textile is breathable and very kind to the skin. Thanks to its ability to absorb and release a lot of perspiration, it ensures that temperature and moisture are well regulated in the shoe.
  • Fleece
    Fleece is a light fabric which is very good at storing heat due to its high volume. It is also resilient and elastic. Fleece is very soft on the skin, is breathable and has fast-drying properties.
  • Plush
    This snug fabric is especially thick and warming as well as hard-wearing and elastic. The warm fabric is extremely soft on the skin, is breathable and has fast drying properties.
  • Lambskin
    Lambskin wool can absorb up to 30% moisture without the wearer feeling damp or cold. The open, airy structure of lambskin enables the circulation of air inside the shoe automatically to be self-regulating. As a result, the foot benefits from the comfort of an ideal interior climate for feet.

Smart features for well-protected children’s feet

Reinforced toecaps

Richter has developed specially reinforced toecaps which ensure that there is sufficient free space while providing children’s tender toes with good protection from injuries.

Stabilising heel Counters

Richter shoes provide children with a secure hold. This is ensured with the help of a stabilising heel counter which runs along the heel as well as by special fasteners that can be adjusted to the individual instep height.

Children put their foot down on nature!

Richter’s high quality shoes win you over with a non-toxic inner sole made of leather or natural felt which absorbs moisture.

In addition, Richter’s premium materials release moisture that was absorbed during the day overnight, thus ensuring that temperature and moisture are kept at comfortable levels in the shoe.

Flexible soles

Children mainly wear their shoes for many different activities. They play, jump, run, and climb. Soles must be reliable enough to deal with all this.

Non-slip shoe treads on flexible Richter soles provide a secure footing and a natural rolling movement – no matter what the weather.

Richter shoes are easy to put on.

In developing their shoes, Richter pays particular attention to ensuring that the foot can easily slide into the shoe. The choice of simple fasteners (Velcro, zips and laces) make putting on and taking off shoes child’s play.

All mid-cut lace-ups with a side zipper are fitted with a Velcro fastener to prevent unintentional opening.