Find the right shoe size with the Richter template

Ordering the Richter foot measurement template
The right shoe size is of crucial importance for children, precisely because their young feet are highly ductile. The anatomical development of bones, ligaments and muscles lasts until the age of 16 and is particularly malleable at this time. At Richter we are highly concerned about achieving the perfect fit and optimum design of children’s shoes each day: so, dear parents, please provide us with the correct size! This is because the best fit is only fully effective if the shoe is not too big and not too small, but is just the right size. Dear parents, at Richter we have developed a foot measurement template in order for you to easily and regularly check foot sizes at home. You can order it at any time free of charge.

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Calculating the right shoe size for your Richter shoe

After measuring your children’s feet, simply enter the length of the foot into the form field below. And with just one single click you can find the right shoe size for each Richter shoe! The right shoe size for the foot length you have entered is indicated underneath the sole. And before you know it, we’ll show you the models which are currently available in your size.

The push space, which enables the feet to roll naturally, and the especially important growth area have already been accounted for in this calculation.

Foot size in mm
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